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New Mexico is a fascinating state. Filled with history, culture, geology, events and weather you just can't beat. 

There's lots to see around here.

Where should we start?


Dining Out

The flavors of New Mexico

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Plenty of Events throughout the Year



We have mountains and deserts and lakes and rivers for every kind of outdoor activity

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Day Trips

If you stay in the Heart of New Mexico, you can access a variety of day trips

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Night Life

Dining Out, Clubs, Events and more. 

"Feels Like Home (New Mexico True)"

"Feels Like Home (New Mexico True)"

The Albuquerque-based band Richmond unveils the official music video for their song "Feels Like Home (New Mexico True)." *available on iTunes - just search for Richmond, or here's a link: Richmond is Nate Boitano and Heath Warren. The video depicts the summer-long New Mexico adventures of the musical pair and their friends. It shows them exploring many of the state's treasures, and includes scenes from places and adventures they would like to experience in the future. And it's all set to a catchy song the duo wrote about the land they love. "Feels Like Home (New Mexico True)" has served as the catchy background tune for numerous TV and radio ads all across the state. The New Mexico Tourism Department first used the song in its own ads, and several communities have since followed suit. Nate and Heath first gained a measure of fame as members of the popular Albuquerque band Asper Kourt. They have been friends, neighbors and musical partners since their childhood. This is from the duo's Facebook page: "Fate, destiny, or guided wind? Call it what you want. But this songwriting duo was born to make music together. Richmond is an acoustic brotherhood made up of two lifelong best friends and next door neighbors. Growing up playing sports, catching lizards, and mastering their musical craft, Nate Boitano and Heath Warren are leaving their marks on the music scene with a whole new approach." #NewMexicoTrue
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